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Welcome to the Home of the Pastime Princess. The Premier Party Fishing Boat Serving the Greater Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach & Orlando Deep Sea Fishing Community's.

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Have your catch cooked when you hit the dock at the Dolphin View Seafood A New Smyrna Beach Restaurant.

Located in Beautiful New Smyrna Beach, a 15 minute drive from Daytona Beach and 55 from Orlando. The Pastime is a large 100 foot long fully air-conditioned fishing vessel with all the latest electronics. To see the Pastime and to learn more about the specifics of the boat go to our fishing boat page.

If you have never been deep sea fishing before or are an experienced angler you've come to the right place. Go here to read our frequently asked deep sea fishing questions to read about what its like or click on the video on the left to see the action

A day of deep sea fishing on the Pastime Princess is great fun for everyone. We cater to the first timer as well as the seasoned veteran. Everyone was a first timer once and we understand that you may not know which end of the fishing rod to hold ( well I guess everyone knows that but you get my point). Hey, fishing isn't brain surgery, if it was you would need a brain surgeon.

Enjoy a breakfast of fresh cooked bacon and eggs or a delicious 1/4 Lbs Hamburger, cooked to order with lettuce, tomato and pickles from our onboard galley the High Seas Cafe.

We have a 1/2 hour video that was taken on 2 Sunday trips and some footage from a Full Moon Mango night trip. To see the video visit our Pastime fishing video page.

You can buy fishing gift certificates online and we will personalize them for you. We use paypal for secure online ordering  

Read what our customers had to say about deep sea fishing on the Pastime Princess

Aug 28th, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for a great time.  My brother, sister-in-law and I went out on your charter boat on 8-28-10.  This was the first time that we went deep sea fishing on the East coast.  We usually go out on the West coast but wanted to try something new.  We had a BALL!!!  The crew was awesome and so very helpful!!!!  We are planning to go out on one of 10 hour trips next and would like some more information on them..  How far do you go out??  Are the catches (fish) the same as the shorter trips??  Any info would be so grateful.  Also, can you give a suggestion on when the best time to go out is.  Again, thank you to you and your crew for a great time and we are looking forward to seeing you in the future.
Sally Oxxxxx


Aug 26th 2014

We have just had the best day ever!! The crew were so helpful and fun. Me, hubby and 2 teenage kids went. Have never fished before and the crew showed us exactly what 2 do, the captain moved the boat 4 best fishing and we caught 12 keepers between us. Photos were taken as we went along and were on website in the hour! All the crew were obviously experienced and we would totally recommend them. The food and service were spot on. Fab day, thank you!

Aug 19th 2014

My wife and I took my 2 daughters, 8&13, for their 1st deep sea fishing trip along with my mother in-law. The crew and Tami ( picture lady) were outstanding as was our day on the Pastime Princess. We all caught a good amount of keepers and thoroughly enjoyed them at the Dolphin View restaurant. We can't wait to do it again next year. Thanks again for such a memorable day. Jeff

Aug 14th, 2014

My son and his stepdad went out on the Saturday day trip to celebrate my son's 13th birthday. They had a great time fishing. They caught 6 "keepers" (5 black sea bass and 1 sand perch) which we just ate for dinner! Delicious! Great pictures and good times...

June 7th 2014

I was there 6/7/10 and I had a ball. I caught a big cobia. Tammy, the picture lady, was great. It was because of her pictures on your web site that I came fishing on your boat. The deck hands were all so friendly and helpful. I absolutely can't wait to come back. Planning on maybe October. Hope to see all of you soon.


trip was awsome..frankie makes the best egg sanwhiches and cheesbugers..all the guys on the boat were awsome..joking around with us and helping with everything..even took care of my freind who got sea sick..great time guys thanks.. Rich, courtney, sarah, andy


My family and I had the best time ever, not only did we catch fish and enjoy fishing but the staff was the so friendly and caring. We will always remember this time and appreciate all y


While vacationing w/ family in Daytona Beach, I took a day trip on July 13, 2010 with my two sons. The day was crystal clear, the fishing was great. The Captain is obviously keen to have everyone catch as much as possible. He kept moving us until he found spots that were giving up the goods. The crew were great. If you are an experienced fisherperson or if you want to go fishing but you don't want to bait your hook or remove your fish, then this is the boat you want. The crew is totally focused on making your trip enjoyable. My sons both caught numerous fish, as did I. I highly recommend Pastime Princess for the novice or the experienced. They want you to have a good time and all their efforts go into seeing that you do. Ronald G. XXXXXX, Armada Michigan


We had a great time. The deckhands were very helpful, especially with my 5yr old son. They helped him catch fish and enjoy his trip.


My son and I had an awesome day. Thanks to Adam. I don't know what I would have done without him getting all of those sea bass off of my line. The Pasttime Princess is now our yearly tradition. What a great memory!


The crew was amazing! Everyone was so helpful and made the experience really fun. HIGHLY recommend these guys! The capatain was amazing, if no one caught a fish for 5 min he found a different place immediately. I caught so many fish becasue he knew where to go. This is the crew to go with if you want to catch some fish!

April 29 2014
I had the best time I have ever had fishing. I would recommend this boat for anyone wanting to have a good time fishing and catching nice fish.
April 21, 2014
We had a great time and sale with your company again. The staff was friendly and very helpful. The only thing is that we were told we would have pictures posted on your web site, and there is no pics for our trip 4-21-2010
 Jan 16, 2014
Excellent trip lots of fish thanks to the entire crew
Dec 30, 2013
I had a great time.The people on the ship are very helpful and the price very reasonable.I sailed on  and when I come back to Florida in July 2010 I will definately fish with you guys again!Thanks!!!
Oct 31, 2013
My boyfriend and I had a great time. I never caught so many fish. Was my first time deep sea fishing. I had a blast when the Captain said it was time to head back what a disappointment I wanted to fish another 3 to 4 hours. The next time will be the 10 hour fishing trip. I want to thank the crew and the mates on the ship they were very helpful. I have already told all my friends about this fishing trip and now they are looking into it. It was well worth the money. Thanks again for a great time. Jennifer
Oct 31, 2013
Had a great time. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Wayde Axxx, Peru Indiana
Oct 6, 2013
Thank you for making my sons birthday extra memorable. He celebrated his 11th birthday on board and you all made him feel that bit extra special. It was a great day and we will be back!! cant believe the amount of fish caught ! Very reasonable for length of trip and all staff were fantastic! thank you from the Ferguson family and especially Jack all the way from Scotland UK. would recommend to anyone ( even a non fisherwoman like me!the sun-bathing was great ).
Oct 6, 2013
Me and my sister took her 16 year old son and his best friend for their first deep sea fishing trip last week. Not knowing what to expect, we were very pleased with the experience and everyone of the crew aboard the Pastime Princess that stayed busy all day long taking fish off of everyones lines. We would especially like to say a personal thank you to Joe, Timmy and Paul. Thanks so much for making us want to do this again next year. Yvette, Jennifer, Devin and Jack
Oct 28, 2013
Fishing from your boat was nothing but a waste of my time and money. I will spread the word all over the internet about how we were treated on your boat. I want everyone to know not to make the same mistake we did.
Pastime's Response.
First off, the above left no return email so we could not respond to find out what went so wrong. We can't fix it if we don't know what's broken. Second, we did not sail on Oct 28th of this year.  Third, I guess you can't please everyone.
Sept 10, 2013
You Bet Mates! I want ya'll to know that I had a Really Super Great Time and that I have since Highly recommended the Pastime Princess fishing experience with Everyone that I have came into contact with ever since. It was my first deep sea fishing experience and the mates aboard the Pastime Princess are Highly Rated in my opinion and a Blast to be aboard with! Keep Sailing My Friends; You All are Truly the Best!!! I hope to someday return to Daytona just so I may sail to sea with you guys once more. Thanks So Much! Laura (Arkansas) P.S. You may post this compliment if you'd like!
Sept 9, 2013
First of all, the price was very reasonable especially when you get your fish filet'd and cooked if you want to. The crew was very knowledgeable and helpful. This trip was definitely a good time. I didn't catch any red snapper as i was hoping too, but you can't blame anyone for that. I will definitely recommend this trip to friends and will bring more people along with me next time! We thoroughly enjoyed the fish we caught. Very tasty! (trigger fish, sea bass, lane snapper, vermillion, and shark)
Sept 3, 2013
I was out on Thursday with my family and had an absolute blast. We are visiting some family in Orlando and decided to go deep sea fishing with you guys. My son had an absolute blast fishing catching sea bass and trigger fish. The crew was great. One of the mates(I think it was adam) answered every question that we had and made sure that we had a really good time. My son got to go up and drive the boat with the capt. It made his day. There was two guys on the boat(chris and capt al) really helped us out and made sure we caught fish. They would hook a big fish and pass on the rod to my son to have him reel it in. That made me happy. thank you guys very much and we will see you guys the next time we come down. thank you again steve
Sept 1, 2013
Excellent day one my son will remember for the rest of his life thank you Michael (England)
Aug 26, 2013
We went out on the Sunday trip, and it was the best fishing trip I have ever been on! We had a blast, you all have the best price and the fish were outstanding!! It was beyond my expectations and I will be telling everyone I know about your trips and the crew. Great time cant wait to come back next yr. This will be a yearly trip for us from now on!!
June 9, 2013
I was on my honeymoon, and this fishing trip was amazing. Even though my wife got sick as a dog from being sea sick, everyone was nice to her. Even when she was throwing up overboard the crew would come by to see if she was ok. The whole crew was awesome; they were working hard all day. Joe was an awesome guy he would give me some tips on how to fish in the sea. We saw dolphins as we were heading out to sea. It was a picture perfect day; the only bad thing was my wife getting sick. and now that’s just a funny story to tell our friends and family. Also at the end of the day I had caught only one keeper and the crew filet the fish. There were fish left over from people who did not want them and the crew gave me a lot of fish. It was really good eating, I threw them on a grill and it was the freshest fish I had ever had. I wish my office had a view of the sea everyday. Thanks for the great memories.
June 8, 2013
What a fantastic day. I had such a great time I am going again and taking my son on Saturday. This will definately be an annual event for us when we visit the area from Kansas.
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